Topical Sunflower Oil


Sunflower oil can prevent fine lines, wrinkles and has excellent moisturizing, UV-blocking and anti-inflammatory properties. It is a light and quick-penetrating beauty aid for dry skin on the face and body. Sunflower oil dissolves quickly without leaving a greasy residue, which makes it perfect for use as a carrier oil in a homemade body and face scrub.

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Let your skin glow with nourishment that comes from within our premium grade sunflower oil made with natural ingredients.
It is highly recommended for brightening and moisturizing all skin types including sensitive skin as a top-to-toe beauty solution.
Sunflower oil is one of the healthiest oils, it's light in texture with incredible benefits for skin and hair. Sunflower oil contains antioxidant properties that also help prevent free radicals from damaging skin and hair.
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